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Buying firewood


Below is a link to help you in buying firewood for this winter if you are currently looking.  I must also warn you of an individual from Kazabazua who has been cheating the locals for years with poor quality wood at high prices. He will deliver green softwood and tell you that it is dry hardwood. He preys on people who do not know anything about firewood so this is why I am taking the time to write this post. Please visit this link to educate yourself about firewood.


If you cannot find good dry wood around Wakefield, I recommend you pay a little more and get eco-logs. There is a guy in Ripon who sells this products.  819-360-8572


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Mathieu Ravignat -press release

Mathieu Ravignat

Ravignat takes stand on bill to promote use of wood

Ottawa– December 1st 2014. Mathieu Ravignat, MP for Pontiac, has taken a stand in the House of Commons on Bill C‑574, An Act to amend the Department of Public Works and Government Services Act (use of wood).

Bill C-574 would require the Minister of Public Works and Government Services to give preference to the use of wood before soliciting bids for the construction, maintenance or repair of public works, federal immovable and federal real property, while taking into account cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

“The crisis in the forest industry has been felt in the riding of Pontiac, but also elsewhere in Quebec...

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I talk about the anti-Franco articles that have been published over the years in the local Wakefield media. After reading a letter sent by a hateful local resident that was published on their newsletter, I truly believe that the local media are still promoting Anglos to dislike the French Quebecois culture. TIME TO STOP THIS KIND OF PROPAGANDA. WE ARE ALL QUEBECERS…

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Hate promotion between Francos and Anglos ?


Do you believe that for years one of the local newspapers has been promoting hatred between the Franco and Anglo communities in and around Wakefield ?  According to countless of their articles , the answer is YES.

We want your opinions on this subject.

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Mathieu Ravignat -press release

158e Foire de Shawville


OTTAWA – On November 18th in the House of Commons, New Democrat MP for Pontiac, Mathieu Ravignat, took part in a debate on agriculture and the impacts that the new trade agreement between Canada and Europe will have.

 Despite the concerns that Canadian farmers have expressed over competing with European markets, the Conservatives are rushing to get this agreement signed. As a result, Ravignat tabled an amendment aiming to force the government to reveal all the measures of transition involved, including financial compensation for farmers. 

 “It’s important for me to protect the interests of farmers in Pontiac and to ensure that things are done the right way, so that we know how the agreement with be implemented and what compensation will be offer...

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Mathieu Ravignat -press release

Mathieu Ravignat

November 4, 2014


 OTTAWA – Shocking new numbers on Food Bank use shows the real price Canadians are paying for Conservative economic mismanagement and their failure to act on issues like childcare and affordable housing.

NDP Employment and Social Development critic Jinny Sims (Newton – North Delta) says today’s Food Banks Canada report reveals an appalling increase – and record numbers of Canadians relying on food banks.

“Under the Conservatives, a growing number of families don’t have enough to eat, and are turning to food banks in record numbers,” said Sims. “The Conservatives have failed to create good jobs, they’ve failed to invest in affordable housing, and they’ve failed to prioritize affordable child care...

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