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The Spring. For a number of days now much has been said about moneterizing the water of the spring. I am on record in the Low Down and I made my position clear on this matter My first reflex is to leave the spring to its current vocation which is free access to this gift from nature. There are, for now, no precise projects on the sale of the water. If concrete proposals were to surface I will inform you.

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Mathieu Ravignat- MP/press release

Mathieu Ravignat


July 28, 2014


GATINEAU — New Democrat MP Mathieu Ravignat (Pontiac) is speaking out against the closing of the Canada Post outlet located in Waltham, as citizens’ access to services will be greatly affected by this decision. “Year after year, the people of Waltham have watched the Conservative government make decisions that seriously reduce services offered to them,” explained Ravignat. “We’re talking about two office closures in just a few years. Their situation is untenable.”

 Last winter, Canada Post’s board of directors announced a restructuring plan aimed not only at significantly reducing opening hours, but also increasing by 59% the cost of stamps...

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Fairbairn house

Fairbairn House Heritage Centre Mission

The Fairbairn House Heritage Centre is a heritage centre that focusses on protecting and publicizing the history and heritage of Quebec’s lower Gatineau River Valley. Located in the 160-year-old Fairbairn farmhouse in Wakefield, La Pêche, the Centre, features exhibits, audio-visual displays, a public archives, school programmes, special events and community involvement. It is the only centre between Gatineau and Maniwaki where residents and visitors alike can learn about, explore and experience the history of the Gatineau Valley area. www.fairbairn.ca


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Mathieu Ravignat- MP/press release

Mathieu Ravignat

National Recreational Trails Program

What is it?

The Government of Canada is partnering with the National Trails Coalition (NTC) and providing $10 million to expand and improve multi-purpose trails for walking, running, cross-country skiing, biking, all-terrain vehicle use and snowmobiling throughout Canada.

This funding was announced in Budget 2014 and is in addition to the $53 billion New Building Canada Plan. It is also in addition to the $25 million in matching funds that are available for charitable contributions received by the Trans Canada Trail Foundation to connect all sections of the Trans Canada Trail system by 2017.

Why is it important?

Canada has a vast network of recreational trails that allow Canadians to experience the outdoors and appreciate this country’s natural beauty...

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Ground frost in July ?

Have you ever seen ground frost in July ?  Weird weather we are having since last winter.

Photos taken at Mont Cascades golf  course.

DSCF3128 DSCF3124

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Wakefield Radio

Radio Wakefield

Since I have experience as a radio show host, I have decided to announce the creation of RADIO WAKEFIELD.  You will soon be able to hear music, interviews, opinions and stories of all kinds. We have a built in MP3 player on our web site that will deliver great stereo sound.  All you have to do is click and enjoy.

I invite you to share this new form of local entertainment and follow this new animation. If you would like to appear as a guest on the show , please send us an email.


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 clean_home2Caregiver 2asian cooking

I am a Filipina living in Wakefield and I am available for house work. Cleaning, cooking , ironing   etc..  I will give your money’s worth and I am dependable.
I also specialize in preparing healthy Asian dishes.
When I clean, I really clean the house. Excellent references.

I am also available as an elderly caregiver or for a person with medical needs. I graduated from university in the Philippines as a nurse.


Phone – 613-797-5118

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