Peter X

  Track 10

Pierre is an outstanding guitarist that has the ability to WOW crowds every time he plays. He is currentlty working on a real hot jazz CD that will be released soon. Please listen to the song called A SONG FOR TUESDAY that was written for his grand-daughter on the media player that is above. Pierre lives with his  companion and bass player Verna Lindstrom in Edelweiss.

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The Standardbreds

Lightning rod

Shayne Bradley ,Paul Stevens, Steve Sabean and  Nathan Curry. Great band from Wakefield

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Jan Purcell and Pineroad – Bluegrass

Bluegrass Gypsy

Blue Kentucky gal

Please visit their cool web site….

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yourevolution Coaching Circles

You’re not crazy, you’re just…stuck!

Do you want to achieve something important in your life but find yourself unable to make real progress? Do you make changes only to discover old patterns quickly returning?

If so, then join a Coaching Circle and discover how to bring about the changes you want in your life in a sustained, positive and caring manner.

My name is Jody Nassr and I’m a certified life coach. I facilitate coaching circles, which are groups of four to five people who meet twice per month to learn how to:
    ask themselves the right questions
    listen and reflect
    formulate solutions
    create effective, personal plans for success

Coaching circles are friendly, fun and effective ways to get “unstuck”, and you will practice what you learn in each s...

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The Recycle Box

Are you looking for something in particular ? Please visit our store for everything that you can think of. Antiques, furniture, sporting goods , kitchen supplies, outdoor stuff and the list goes on and on. We also carry handmade wooden products such as benches and tables. We are located at 39 ch. Valley in Wakefield right next door to the post office. 819-459-2184

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Irwin Stewart – interview

Click here for interview (15 minutes, 10 MB)

Irwin Stewart has lived in Wakefield all his life and he has a lot of stories to tell. He is a legend on the horse pulling circuit and has countless trophies . Please listen to the interview by clicking on the media player.

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