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Meeting with the Councillor for Ward 7

Meeting with the Councillor for Ward 7
Municipal councillor Richard Gervais invites the people who live in his ward to a meeting, in order to get to know each other and find out more about their concerns and expectations. When: June 21 at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.). Where: Desjardins hall, La Pêche Sports Complex. The meeting will take place in French and simultaneous translation will be available.
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(Français) Rencontre avec les citoyens du quartier 7

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

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Into the Darkness…

The tour will be in French at 2pm.

Our ghost adventure begins.  It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon this June.  Perfect day to go into a cold dark cave.

We head to

Lafleche Caves.

I am with my son Matt.  His first drive down Highway 366 to the Caves.  He gets to share the Buddhist temple, Lac MacGregor, the winds, hills, turns and curves before we hit the 307 south to the park.

Runnin’ with the Devil

The park is deep in the woods and mountains.  All there is a couple of chalets and the parking lot.


You can see the zip lines everywhere. They even run over the water.  The entrance to the caves.  The nature trails.  The setting is breathtaking. Mother nature at her finest.  Humans interacting with and appreciating the ancient rocks and trees.


Danger is all around us at the park...

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Magic in those Monts

Over the Hills and Far Away

The drive from Val-des-Monts to Wakefield is almost as nice as my destination itself.  Today was a perfect sunny day to take a nice drive through the back mountains of Quebec.  One of my favourite country drives.

I take the 366 north towards Lac St. Pierre.  The road is winding and curving passing along Lac MacGregor. Views of this huge lake are amazing and I see a hawk fly overhead.  At one point on the highway, you past a Buddhist temple on a cliff facing the lake.  I saw a white peacock in front last summer.  Now they are erecting some huge monuments.  The investigator in me smells a story there.


The drive turns south at the 307 towards Cantley.  The road is quick and dark.  Deep in cottage country.  Half way I pass Lafleche Caves...

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Cosmic Connections

Our paths crossed when I was working the other day. I mentioned how I lived in Quebec.

So did he.  In Wakefield.

Kaffe 1870.  The Wakefield happening place.  I got invited there today.  By the musician playing there this Sunday night.  Open mic 7 to 9pm he tells me.

Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield.


My latest adventure has begun.  The Universe gave me the story.

Paul gives me his phone number and invites me and my boyfriend to a bar bq he is holding before the musical happening.  I am touched by his kind yet typical Wakefield hospitality.

It’s pouring rain so me and my mate decide to go to a restaurant for dinner instead.  Head to Le Hibou.  My favourite restaurant.  I love the 1970s vibe it has going on.  I always feel like I am in my parent’s living room/dining room circa 1976...

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Canadian Hero in our Hills

One of Wakefield’s most famous residents is former Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson.  Pearson is buried on the top of the hill behind the historic Wakefield Mill in Maclaren’s Cemetery, established in the 1870s as the resting place for Scottish settlers in the area.  The view of the Gatineau hills and river are breathtaking and it is easy to see why Pearson chose this beautiful location to spend eternity.


Lester Bowles “Mike” Pearson, was Canada’s 14th Prime Minister serving from April 1963 to April 1968.  He was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1897.  He died in 1972 and chose Wakefield, Quebec as his final resting grounds.  He had spent many years in the area and fell in love with the beauty...

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