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Wakefield Radio

Since I have experience as a radio show host, I have decided to announce the creation of RADIO WAKEFIELD.  You will soon be able to hear music, interviews, opinions and stories of all kinds. We have a built in MP3 player on our web site that will deliver great stereo sound.  All you have to do is click and enjoy.

I invite you to share this new form of local entertainment and follow this new animation. If you would like to appear as a guest on the show , please send us an email.


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Wakefield resident urban experience

On March 5th, we were attending the ash Wednesday mass at Our Lady of Assumption church in Vanier. As we entered the church we acknowledged the presence of the older Filipina ladies who are the church ushers. They always sit in the last benches in the back of the church. They also act as the greeting comittee and also sell homemade Filipino goodies after the mass. These ladies are a fine example of the human race as they are such caring people.

At 7:15, I heard loud screaming coming from the older ladies at the rear of the church. When I turned to look I then saw three ladies run outside the church. I immediately got up and ran to the exit doors. I heard the ladies yell “catch him he stole my purse”. I could see the thief running south bound , towards McArthur rd...

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Road work 2013 – Ward 7 La Pêche

Good day dear fellow-citizens
Here is a list of the roadwork that will be done in our ward during the next season:
1- Chemin de la Rivière, changing culvert and building transition near #419. Reshaping of ditch
2- Chemin de la Rivière, changing culvert and building transition near #314. Reshaping of ditch
3- Chemin Pine, changing culverts including a 60 inch near 366. Cover of recycled asphalt between numbers 98 to 130.
4- Chemin Juniper, culverts to be changed.
5- Chemin Beech, from the entrance on 366 to Butternut, hot asphalt cover to solidify the present surface on the hill.
6- Chemin du Ruisseau. number 92, drainage work to build drainage ditch on property line.
7- Chemin de la Rivière, cover of 4 inch of gravel over 500 m starting at number 200 towards McClinton.
Chemin ...
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Chelsea development

We would love to hear what you think of the upcoming plans for the developement of 400+new homes by the river in Chelsea. small rapid

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For the love of dogs

So you are a dog lover, well this part of the web site is just for you.. I will share with you the knowledge that I have accumulated over 25 years. In the upcoming articles we shall cover many topics that could be helpful to both you and your dog .

1. Choosing a breed

The most important thing about owning a dog is finding a right breed that blends in well with your lifestyle and environment. These are the respective seven groups that are recognized by the Canadian kennel club :
Sporting , Non -sporting , Hounds, Working ,Terriers, Toys, Herding

As a kennel operator I often see mismatched owner-dog combinations which results in eventual adoptions because of vast differences of needs on both sides...

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