Wakefield fire station-Bill Gonzalez

Whereas the fire station located in the Wakefield sector does not have an official name;
Whereas the name William “Bill” Gonzalez was proposed as official name of the fire station in the Wakefield sector;
Whereas Mr Gonzalez as contributed to the municipality of La Peche development as municipal inspector, public works director, and municipal councillor.
It is resolved to name the Wakefield fire station the fire station William “Bill”  Gonzalez

Notes – 13-136    http://www.villelapeche.qc.ca/images/stories/Anglais/Proces_verbaux/2013/2013-03-04_PV_anglais.pdf

We will be writing a story on the life of  Bill Gonzalez in the upcoming week. We contacted his daughter Joanne Gonzalez and she was thrilled at the idea.  Bill was a true blue humanitarian and truly respected by all who knew him.  He was also beloved as councillor for the Wakefield sector of La Peche.

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