Cosmic Connections

Our paths crossed when I was working the other day. I mentioned how I lived in Quebec.

So did he.  In Wakefield.

Kaffe 1870.  The Wakefield happening place.  I got invited there today.  By the musician playing there this Sunday night.  Open mic 7 to 9pm he tells me.

Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield.


My latest adventure has begun.  The Universe gave me the story.

Paul gives me his phone number and invites me and my boyfriend to a bar bq he is holding before the musical happening.  I am touched by his kind yet typical Wakefield hospitality.

It’s pouring rain so me and my mate decide to go to a restaurant for dinner instead.  Head to Le Hibou.  My favourite restaurant.  I love the 1970s vibe it has going on.  I always feel like I am in my parent’s living room/dining room circa 1976.  Green and brown everywhere.  The ashtray lamps.  The macrame and beads.

We get to the Kaffe for the 7pm show.  It was a packed house already.  We headed towards the front of the bar.  There were two open stools left.  Paul greeted us.  But he already knew him.  They knew each other from twenty years before.  “Soul brother” Paul remarked more than once as he hugged him.  Turns out Paul is the host of the open mic night and quite a talented musician.


The bar is inside an old house right on the corner of the main drag.  You can look out the windows and see the Gatineau River.  The bar is well stocked to the ceiling.  The little stage runs beside the open doorway where I saw a cat run by.


We went back into the 1960s in this bar.  The acoustic guitar and 15 minute Jethro Tull songs.  The crone table and young dirty hippies. The drinking types hidden in the corners.   The few diehard hockey fans glued to the set.   A Wakefield happening.  Every Sunday night apparently.  Leaving, I told Paul I guess the Universe wanted me to bring my boyfriend and him back together.  Tonight in Wakefield no less.  I felt right at home at the cosmic Kaffe. I will be back.  I know this story is just beginning.


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