Magic in those Monts

Over the Hills and Far Away

The drive from Val-des-Monts to Wakefield is almost as nice as my destination itself.  Today was a perfect sunny day to take a nice drive through the back mountains of Quebec.  One of my favourite country drives.

I take the 366 north towards Lac St. Pierre.  The road is winding and curving passing along Lac MacGregor. Views of this huge lake are amazing and I see a hawk fly overhead.  At one point on the highway, you past a Buddhist temple on a cliff facing the lake.  I saw a white peacock in front last summer.  Now they are erecting some huge monuments.  The investigator in me smells a story there.


The drive turns south at the 307 towards Cantley.  The road is quick and dark.  Deep in cottage country.  Half way I pass Lafleche Caves.  My next weekend destination with my son.  Our ghost adventure.

I turn right unto the 366 again now heading west to Wakefield.  The sign states 12 kms.  The road gets really high and low here.  Like a roller coaster in the hills and valleys.  Past the ski hill at Edelweiss, the golf course, through the thick and shady cottage section.

I see the sign that says the Wakefield covered bridge in 1km.  That bright red landmark over the Gatineau river.  I turn into town.  Wind down the main drag past the Lookout on the corner and down into the heart of the village.


Looking for my latest story I found out that a ghost wanders this town.  I guess the “Wakefield Wanderer” has some supernatural competition.  He has even followed people home.  Been spotted at the Inn and near the water. Any knowledge of this ghost and his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.  I don’t even know his name yet.


I am led to this old huge white Victorian bed and breakfast called Les Trois Erables where the owner Shana and I chatted about my upcoming stay there and the history of the house.  I am looking forward to reporting with a glass of wine from underneath the shade of the massive porch looking at the river this summer.

My wandering today took me down to the railroad track path that runs along the shoreline in town.  The views of the water, the hills so peaceful and beautiful.  No wonder I am repeatedly draw to this magical spot. Hiding here deep in the valley, I will soon venture out on the road again to head home to my side of the mountains.

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