Wakefield school

In 1929, the Wakefield school is built on Caves rd. in the heart of the village. Many generations have attended this school and have developed a fond affiliation that still exists in the hearts of the local population. This school represents many loving  memories…. and rightfully so.  Certain residents have expressed their opposition to the building of a new school on Riverside rd.????  Even if the old school was to be demolished and rebuilt , there are many obvious reasons that the school should be relocated. Yes the time has come to evolve and build a brand new school on Riverside rd. This initiative should be clarified, so all the facts of this positive project are brought to light.  Here are the facts :

Caves rd. school

Mold in the building. (Health risk)

Inefficient old technology  ( Heating, power,materials etc… )

Building cannot accommodate existing and growing population

Critical shortage of parking for school buses, staff and parents.  (Creates hazard)

Very steep hill presents  danger for all students in buses and vehicles especially during winter.( Most important factor)

Arriving buses on Burnside rd. creates danger for pedestrians.  (Very narrow road)

Bears have been known to frequent the area and school grounds. ( Documented cases)

Riverside rd. school

Energy efficient building

Geothermal system

Construction based on natural concepts  (wood, brick etc…)

Radiant heated floors for the comfort of kindergarten children.

LED lighting throughout building.

Large amount of windows to encourage natural light.

Grey water recovery


Large parking with landing stage areas  for both buses and cars

Totally secure access in all seasons

Certain Wakefield businesses depend and rely greatly on tourism, but it must be said that this new school represents an economical boost for that part of the village.  When a day care center, a seniors home residence and a school are located in eyesight of one another, that will undoubtedly bring the community closer together.Opening scheduled for Fall 2014 .   LONG LIVE EDUCATION….

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