Are you a sheeple ?

Are you a sheeple ?   All forms of media thinks that you are and they are now trying to turn you against your neighbour with all of this Quebec language issue.  It is obvious that they are quite literally propagating hatred in order to sell newspapers or any other forms of advertising. Some people even benefit from the attention that it is given to them when controversy knocks at their door. Wakefield residents are too intelligent to fall into that trap and the only sheep in Wakefield is our beloved “ Black Sheep inn”.


 Are you possibly being used as a political pawn ? You must reflect on that question and the underlying sources that are staring at us in the face saying….  elections are near.. Unfortunately today most mainstream media “fabricate the news” and then it trickles down to smaller outlets of media.  This paradigm of thought surrounding the fact that human beings are led to believe the television or radio does not lie is preposterous and should be considered an urban legend. Politics are always in the background awaiting a response to what the media has initiated to the mass population and that is when the tribulations begins.  For example when you see that a poll has been taken on a specifically sensitive topic and it is put on the front page of a paper or website ,ask yourself this question….  Who paid for this poll ?  You must do some research and make an effort to understand what is happening. It is self degradation to your intellect if you choose to presuppose any conclusions. My opinion on this language matter is totally unbiased and firmly believe that we are all created equal.

Accepting each other’s culture is a fond reward gained by understanding the belief that we cannot change our born identities . I remember when we had the ice storm in 1998, we all came together regardless of what language you spoke.This occurrence was naturally instinctive when coming to the aid of your fellow man/woman and the media would not dare interfere in times like these.  I will somewhat quote my personal hero , Nelson Mandela…  “ It comes more naturally for a human to love than to hate because hatred is taught not inherited ”

Do not hate Quebec because you are told to do so, but rather show solidarity within your own communities . The one and only tool that can remedy this conundrum is simply …..   common courtesy.

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