For the love of dogs

So you are a dog lover, well this part of the web site is just for you.. I will share with you the knowledge that I have accumulated over 25 years. In the upcoming articles we shall cover many topics that could be helpful to both you and your dog .

1. Choosing a breed

The most important thing about owning a dog is finding a right breed that blends in well with your lifestyle and environment. These are the respective seven groups that are recognized by the Canadian kennel club :
Sporting , Non -sporting , Hounds, Working ,Terriers, Toys, Herding

As a kennel operator I often see mismatched owner-dog combinations which results in eventual adoptions because of vast differences of needs on both sides. With that being said, I invite you to fill out a doggie quiz that will shed some light on this delicate subject.
These two links will be helpful in your quest for canine harmony.

Unfortunately the movie industry plays a huge role in choosing the wrong breed for you and your family. For example if a hit movie features a certain breed , that type of dog will be purchased by spontaneous buyers who have no idea what they are getting into.
For the love of dogs please do not make that mistake. When I was employed as a municipal animal control agent , I had the displeasure of having to relocate many dogs-puppies, due to bad decisions made by uneducated owners. They buy a cute puppy because it is small and cuddly but grows into a 120 pound dog . When that happens they ask themselves what they will do with such a big animal that is overpowering their dwelling. More importantly they may bite someone because they do not know who the parents of this dog had sound temperaments.
NEVER EVER buy a dog from a puppy mill or from an ad you saw on a store wall.
You must insist on seeing at least one generation from those puppies. Both parents must be sociable and show no aggressiveness. The temperament is the most important trait that must not be overlooked. Personally I prefer to purchase a dog from a reputable breeder that will guaranty his dogs. Nowadays people produce and sell mixed breed dogs for phenomenal amounts of money . They breed two different types of dogs to produce a fluffy and pretty dog. DO NOT encourage this type of breeding because it is only bred for money , nothing else. They do not x-ray the hips or take temperament tests of their breeding stock.

If you decide to rescue a dog from a shelter, make sure you have the opportunity to spend some time with them before choosing a specific dog or puppy. Get acquainted first before you make that important decision.

I hope reading this article was beneficial and educational. LOVE YOUR DOG……..

Claude Lachaine

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