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For the love of dogs

So you are a dog lover, well this part of the web site is just for you.. I will share with you the knowledge that I have accumulated over 25 years. In the upcoming articles we shall cover many topics that could be helpful to both you and your dog .

1. Choosing a breed

The most important thing about owning a dog is finding a right breed that blends in well with your lifestyle and environment. These are the respective seven groups that are recognized by the Canadian kennel club :
Sporting , Non -sporting , Hounds, Working ,Terriers, Toys, Herding

As a kennel operator I often see mismatched owner-dog combinations which results in eventual adoptions because of vast differences of needs on both sides...

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Hoppy Test Post

Chris_HopkinsHello everybody!

This is a test of creating a post. The process is straight-forward, easy to do.

Claude & Paul rock!

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Wakefield Canada Day celebrations

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