Wakefield bakery/ report by the MAPAQ

Sorry only in French.. This is information from the MAPAQ report on the unsanitary conditions at the Wakefield bakery . (Quebec food protection agency)

Une boulangerie au nord de Gatineau a dû être fermée une deuxième fois en deux ans par des inspecteurs en salubrité alimentaire à cause de l’état lamentable des lieux.
La boulangerie The Old Wakefield Bakery portait bien son nom le 24 avril 2012 quand deux inspecteurs ont visité le commerce du 813, chemin de la Rivière, à Wakefield, située à une trentaine de minutes au nord de Gatineau.
La vétusté des lieux était frappante. Et de toute évidence, un grand ménage des lieux n’avait pas été fait depuis longtemps, de sorte que la vermine foisonnait un peu partout.
C’est pour ces raisons que les inspecteurs ont imposé la fe...
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Fairbairn house

Fairbairn House Heritage Centre Mission

The Fairbairn House Heritage Centre is a heritage centre that focusses on protecting and publicizing the history and heritage of Quebec’s lower Gatineau River Valley. Located in the 160-year-old Fairbairn farmhouse in Wakefield, La Pêche, the Centre, features exhibits, audio-visual displays, a public archives, school programmes, special events and community involvement. It is the only centre between Gatineau and Maniwaki where residents and visitors alike can learn about, explore and experience the history of the Gatineau Valley area. www.fairbairn.ca


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Ground frost in July ?

Have you ever seen ground frost in July ?  Weird weather we are having since last winter.

Photos taken at Mont Cascades golf  course.

DSCF3128 DSCF3124

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Wakefield Radio

Since I have experience as a radio show host, I have decided to announce the creation of RADIO WAKEFIELD.  You will soon be able to hear music, interviews, opinions and stories of all kinds. We have a built in MP3 player on our web site that will deliver great stereo sound.  All you have to do is click and enjoy.

I invite you to share this new form of local entertainment and follow this new animation. If you would like to appear as a guest on the show , please send us an email.


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 clean_home2Caregiver 2asian cooking

I am a Filipina living in Wakefield and I am available for house work. Cleaning, cooking , ironing   etc..  I will give your money’s worth and I am dependable.
I also specialize in preparing healthy Asian dishes.
When I clean, I really clean the house. Excellent references.

I am also available as an elderly caregiver or for a person with medical needs. I graduated from university in the Philippines as a nurse.


Phone – 613-797-5118

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(Français) Drapeau du Quebec

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

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