Wakefield relationships

Is Wakefield hard on relationships ?

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Kare Free Kennel


What we do for you !

  • Very flexible hours for drop off or pick up of your pooch
  • Offer rides to the airport (fixed rate)
  • Provide you with peace of mind while you travel
  • Return your precious pooch happy, fit and clean. That is our guarantee ! (click here for testimonials)
  • We try to make your life easier !

What we do for your dog !

  • Provide a quiet, clean and cozy area with individual doggie beds
  • Give your pooch lots of exercise because the more they move, the better it is.
  • Improve socialization / behavioural skills (click here for testimonials)
  • Improve health / obesity problems (click here for testimonials)
  • Ensure that your pet takes their medication, if needed.
  • No extra charge for the LOVE !

Why choose Kare Free?

We are an intimate kennel that can accommodate up to 15 dogs...

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Irwin Stewart – 20/03/22 – 05/04/14

It is with great sadness that I anounce the passing of my friend Irwin Stewart on April 5, 2014 at the age of 92. Irwin leaves behind quite a legacy, especially as a horseman. Born just outside of Wakefield on Edelweiss rd. back on March 20 1922 where he grew up working on the family farm. I met him back in 1994 when I moved on Clark rd. I liked him immediately.  His soft spoken personality would make you instantly at ease. When I shook his huge coarse hand, you could tell this was a hard working man.

Just today I found out about his death through a friend as there has been no mention in the local newspaper.

This important article will be finished very soon so I invite you to visit the site again for the full version.  So much to say about Irwin Stewart.  THANK YOU

We also have a 2013 i...

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Happy St Patrick’s day

The Québecois community would like to send our warmest regards to the Irish people everywhere for the annual St Patrick’s day.  The sounds of fiddles and accordions will fill the air as the festivities begins.  The Irish heritage in Quebec   has deep roots and we honour their worthy accomplishments.

St patrick

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Wakefield resident urban experience

On March 5th, we were attending the ash Wednesday mass at Our Lady of Assumption church in Vanier. As we entered the church we acknowledged the presence of the older Filipina ladies who are the church ushers. They always sit in the last benches in the back of the church. They also act as the greeting comittee and also sell homemade Filipino goodies after the mass. These ladies are a fine example of the human race as they are such caring people.

At 7:15, I heard loud screaming coming from the older ladies at the rear of the church. When I turned to look I then saw three ladies run outside the church. I immediately got up and ran to the exit doors. I heard the ladies yell “catch him he stole my purse”. I could see the thief running south bound , towards McArthur rd...

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Mardi Gras 2014

Happy Mardi Gras ….


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