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Expeditions Radisson


Expeditons Radisson offers sales and service for seasonal outfitting.  Rentals include   canoes, kayak, bicycles, paddleboards , camping equipment and much more. We are located at 721 ch.Riverside , Wakefield QC .  819-459-3860

Expedtions Radisson

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Magic in those Monts

Over the Hills and Far Away

The drive from Val-des-Monts to Wakefield is almost as nice as my destination itself.  Today was a perfect sunny day to take a nice drive through the back mountains of Quebec.  One of my favourite country drives.

I take the 366 north towards Lac St. Pierre.  The road is winding and curving passing along Lac MacGregor. Views of this huge lake are amazing and I see a hawk fly overhead.  At one point on the highway, you past a Buddhist temple on a cliff facing the lake.  I saw a white peacock in front last summer.  Now they are erecting some huge monuments.  The investigator in me smells a story there.


The drive turns south at the 307 towards Cantley.  The road is quick and dark.  Deep in cottage country.  Half way I pass Lafleche Caves...

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Canadian Hero in our Hills

One of Wakefield’s most famous residents is former Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson.  Pearson is buried on the top of the hill behind the historic Wakefield Mill in Maclaren’s Cemetery, established in the 1870s as the resting place for Scottish settlers in the area.  The view of the Gatineau hills and river are breathtaking and it is easy to see why Pearson chose this beautiful location to spend eternity.


Lester Bowles “Mike” Pearson, was Canada’s 14th Prime Minister serving from April 1963 to April 1968.  He was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1897.  He died in 1972 and chose Wakefield, Quebec as his final resting grounds.  He had spent many years in the area and fell in love with the beauty...

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