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Into the Darkness…

The tour will be in French at 2pm.

Our ghost adventure begins.  It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon this June.  Perfect day to go into a cold dark cave.

We head to

Lafleche Caves.

I am with my son Matt.  His first drive down Highway 366 to the Caves.  He gets to share the Buddhist temple, Lac MacGregor, the winds, hills, turns and curves before we hit the 307 south to the park.

Runnin’ with the Devil

The park is deep in the woods and mountains.  All there is a couple of chalets and the parking lot.


You can see the zip lines everywhere. They even run over the water.  The entrance to the caves.  The nature trails.  The setting is breathtaking. Mother nature at her finest.  Humans interacting with and appreciating the ancient rocks and trees.


Danger is all around us at the park...

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