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Cosmic Connections

Our paths crossed when I was working the other day. I mentioned how I lived in Quebec.

So did he.  In Wakefield.

Kaffe 1870.  The Wakefield happening place.  I got invited there today.  By the musician playing there this Sunday night.  Open mic 7 to 9pm he tells me.

Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield.


My latest adventure has begun.  The Universe gave me the story.

Paul gives me his phone number and invites me and my boyfriend to a bar bq he is holding before the musical happening.  I am touched by his kind yet typical Wakefield hospitality.

It’s pouring rain so me and my mate decide to go to a restaurant for dinner instead.  Head to Le Hibou.  My favourite restaurant.  I love the 1970s vibe it has going on.  I always feel like I am in my parent’s living room/dining room circa 1976...

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