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Wakefield resident urban experience

On March 5th, we were attending the ash Wednesday mass at Our Lady of Assumption church in Vanier. As we entered the church we acknowledged the presence of the older Filipina ladies who are the church ushers. They always sit in the last benches in the back of the church. They also act as the greeting comittee and also sell homemade Filipino goodies after the mass. These ladies are a fine example of the human race as they are such caring people.

At 7:15, I heard loud screaming coming from the older ladies at the rear of the church. When I turned to look I then saw three ladies run outside the church. I immediately got up and ran to the exit doors. I heard the ladies yell “catch him he stole my purse”. I could see the thief running south bound , towards McArthur rd...

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Mardi Gras 2014

Happy Mardi Gras ….


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Are you a sheeple ?

Are you a sheeple ?   All forms of media thinks that you are and they are now trying to turn you against your neighbour with all of this Quebec language issue.  It is obvious that they are quite literally propagating hatred in order to sell newspapers or any other forms of advertising. Some people even benefit from the attention that it is given to them when controversy knocks at their door. Wakefield residents are too intelligent to fall into that trap and the only sheep in Wakefield is our beloved “ Black Sheep inn”.


 Are you possibly being used as a political pawn ? You must reflect on that question and the underlying sources that are staring at us in the face saying….  elections are near.. Unfortunately today most mainstream media “fabricate the news” and then it tri...

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Tim Yaychuk – violinist


Born in Simcoe, Ontario, Tim Yaychuk began to study the violin at age 5. He is currently the concertmaster of the Parkdale Orchestra, a position he has previously held at the Ottawa Chamber Orchestra. Other orchestras he has performed with include the Brantford Symphony, Pembroke Orchestra, Symphony Hamilton, and the McMaster Chamber Orchestra. Mr. Yaychuk studied with Amalie Canzoneri of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and David Thies-Thomson of the NAC Orchestra. Tim Yaychuk is active as a performer of new music and has recently appeared with jazz, rock, blues, folk, middle-east and gypsy music ensembles. When not playing violin, Tim enjoys playing saxophone, tending his honeybees and kayaking.

Tim lives in Wakefield and is involved in many local musical projects...

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Song to bring anglos and francos closer

Local hip hop artist David Hodges wrote Notre Home because he says he believes the future of improving anglophone and francophone relations is through the province’s youth.

“Notre Home is another way of inspiring kids to really value that this is my home, this is where I belong,” he said.

His song is part of a $20 000 government project to bring the two solitudes closer together.

“You’re here to stay. We want you to be here to stay and let’s work together on evenrything,” says Quebec minister responsible for anglo relations, Jean-Francois Lisée.

Source –  http://www.cjad.com/CJADLocalNews/entry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10491663


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Wakefield artist – CJ FLEURY

CJ fleury 2    CJ fleury

CJ Fleury is without a doubt a creative contemporary art genius from Wakefield Quebec. Her work of flamboyant magnitude can be seen on her website, so please let your imagination fly at http://cjfleuryart.ca/

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